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“These Are The Times That Try Men’s Souls”

Editorial by Conrad Doyle

Quick...from what pamphlet was this opening sentence taken?  True or False: this pamphlet was printed anonymously....  For those that follow my ranting ramblings "Common Sense" gives you the first answer and in truth also the second.  Now then, let me remind you of what I said in my last column titled: Bullying, threatening and intimidation: behaviors not allowed unless you are a local leader or politician.  I then went on to say this was the first of many articles I intend to write that will bring to light many instances in which our fine leaders have used their positional power to bully, threaten and intimidate any person that directly or indirectly threatens to expose or bring to the public's attention the dishonest utterances, intentions and actions of individuals currently associated with both Meade County and the City of Brandenburg politics and those of a well-known individual that works for and represents the local Electric Co-Op. This means he works for us! We pay his salary and benefits.  And then came the front page news....  The epitome of what I told you was being done, condoned and allowed, Bullying, threatening and intimidation.....  I am sure that many assumed that with the front page printing of the "Subpoena,” my opinion column would simply dissipate into thin air, similar to the way truth and ethics dissipate when some individuals decide they want to pay the price to become a "Civil Servant" or a "Servant of the People" and are fortunate enough to be given the opportunity.  I may be forced to soften the truth in future columns and may at times decide to throw caution to the wind, you will just have to stay tuned as only time will tell.  I am sure that even those of you who claim to not read my opinion pieces, (it is okay...we both know you will likely run out and pick up a copy of this paper) are waiting with baited breath to read my remarks so you can then run over to each other's office, or call to discuss amongst yourselves whether this "piece of trash" is still printing my column. Oh, I'm sorry....did I misquote our fine Judge, no I did not, that is the exact words that were used publicly when he and an elected member of our State Gov't declared they would "close the doors and put the publisher out of business"....By the way, for the benefit of decorum, I left out the actual name/names they used in describing the publisher.

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