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Things that make you shake your head

Editorial submitted by Conrad Doyle

 I am told in today’s electronic vernacular that “SMDH or SMH” means “Shaking my D... Head” or as I prefer to say “Shaking My Head”

is an acceptable shortcut to expressing confusion about non-sensical decisions made by individuals who are obviously paid far more than this average subservient imbecile can understand.

 I am trying to make sense of things that I am being required to pay.

 Add to this the fact that many times I pay for the same entity time and time again. For example: I pay tax every year on the same vehicle that I paid taxes on when I purchased the vehicle.

 Let me jump in this tax generating vehicle and go to the RECC to pay my bill which includes these same taxes be paid on my electric bill.

 I stop next door to pay my home phone and internet bill and guess what, yeah same taxes are included on each phone number or service going into my home. I almost forget that I get to pay these again on my cellular phone service. It’s enough to drive this “poster” to drink but the “sin” tax added to alcohol and cigarettes is totally out of control!

 For the purpose of this rambling rampage the Mayor’s behavior during the City Council meeting made me want to use the “SMDH” verbiage.

 The mayor tried to convince the City Council members to not approve a business license for an RV park as was being requested by Rena Singleton. (Yes, the same Rena Singleton that is the publisher of this paper) He actually told her “you are not going to get a business license tonight”.

  I suspect the members of the City Council saw what was going on because they did not follow suit with his power play. I was very impressed with the way the Council members were able to diffuse what could have been an ugly situation. This was especially true when out of nowhere the mayor mentioned a “lawsuit”. The temperature of the discussion was in absolutely no way even escalating when he spewed this remark. He came to this meeting with his guns loaded with “payback”.

 I have heard about “payback being a ....” and have thought it fitting at times but when a mayor uses the power of his position to try to prevent a citizen from using an already zoned C-1 property to put in an RV park making it the fourth such business in Brandenburg, that mayor is less than honorable. Those of us watching this pathetic discourse play out on a live feed, just sat there “shaking our heads”.

He stated “We’re not saying that what we did was right with Perry, so we’re trying to do it the right way now”.

 It was totally clear what he was really saying which was ...we didn’t follow the rules as outlined in our Planning and Zoning laws because it didn’t matter. But, since you have allowed someone to write articles that exposed improprieties from my office and others, and then you printed them, it is time to teach Lady Godiva a lesson about who she is messing with!

 While that was reason enough to make me and those around me to “shake our heads”, that was not even what made us question the decision process of the leadership within our city and county.

 So what then caused us to raise our eyebrows and shake our d... heads?

 Remember when the NUCOR announcements were made and the hundreds of new jobs that would be created and even more during the construction phase? One individual even mentioned all the economic boom that we would have from taxes collected because of the purchase of locally sourced materials? Remember the taxes that would be paid to our local school system?