Thousands stolen from city office?

Editorial submitted by Conrad Doyle

 When any amount of cash or other property is stolen, whether it be personally owned cash or cash belonging to the citizens of the city in which it was stolen, why would the office of the offended not call the police?

 Why would anyone, regardless of the amount of monies stolen, not report the theft? Why not make a call to the local authorities and start the investigation of the crime?

 How many times have we heard the saying "Time is of essence when investigating a crime and processing a crime scene"? Finger prints need to be taken, photo's as well. Interviews of person's that may have had access to the office from which the funds were taken.

 Well, maybe in the midst of the chaos the phone number to the local police station could not be remembered. Chances are pretty good, a call would not have even been necessary since they are located relatively close in proximity.

 Maybe the individual in charge of the office that was victimized simply misplaced the money and simply could not remember where it was placed for safe keeping. We have all done that more than once haven't we?

 If it was cash that belonged to the resident's of the City of Brandenburg would they not have the right to know of the theft and the amount of money either lost or stolen?

 If it was cash belonging to the highest level elected city official, would it not make sense that he/she would firstly, call local law enforcement to report the possible criminal activity that occurred under their watch? If the amount was insignificant and the owner felt it not worth opening an investigation, is that even a choice? It was stolen from a local government office which does belong to the residents whose tax money was/is used to purchase or erect the facility, right? Maybe they don't have the right to know of the criminal act perpetuated against their elected officials.

 Is there a different rule of order for crimes that occur within city limits of Brandenburg? If it was simply misplaced, then all is copasetic, and the investigation can be halted.

 If it was personal funds that were taken, why would anyone, regardless of their title, leave money in a location that could so easily be accessed by anyone other than the owner of said money? Well, there is that whole issue of mixing personal funds with public funds, but that is so blatantly obvious that anyone holding the highest city official position would never entertain such an act.

 Maybe he/she knew the person that helped themselves to the money and did not want to publicly shame them. While still a concerning decision, it may be that it was decided amongst themselves that all would be forgiven and forgotten. Is that person still employed and being paid by the residents of the city?

 Maybe it was another case of "if you resign effective immediately, you will not be charged", mirroring the same type of flawed decision making processes as was used by the Sherriff's office when "punishing" an employee for criminal activity.

 Oh, by now you must be asking yourself: "How much money was it and why should I care? It may not have been enough to merit an investigation".

 Well, I am poor enough that $16,000 (SIXTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS) would be a life changing amount of money, but the residents of the City will have to make that decision.

Editor’s Clarification: The Kentucky State Police currently has an open investigation into the alleged situation.

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