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There is something so satisfying about cleaning my house on the weekends. It’s like mediation to me. It’s not fun by any means, but it’s good for my soul. Like any important self-care act, in order to accomplish it, you have to make time for it.

It’s very difficult to clean during the week because of how busy I am. In the hustle and bustle of my daily life, jumbles of objects get strewn about the house. On the weekends though, all of that mess gets cleared away with a little bit of time and effort. It feels great when I’ve finished cleaning and can enjoy my house without staring at a mess around me.

I clean on a weekly basis, and while I have always considered myself to be a clean person, I’ve always had a problem with organizing items in my household. I found that a lack of organization has led to piles of clutter building up in certain spots of my house.

I think we all have that spot in our house where random items tend to gather, whether it’s the kitchen table, the couch, or the good old-fashioned “everything goes” junk drawer. I realized that clutter was happening more often when I was really busy or I didn’t know where an item should be placed.

A good example of something that piles up in my house is mail. My mail was always placed on the kitchen table because I didn’t have a designated area in my house for it. Countless envelopes, magazines, and billing statements piled up quickly—sometimes covering the surface of the table. I had to remind myself that my kitchen table is for eating, not for storing mail. I needed a solution for items like this.

While searching the internet for organization techniques, I came across a concept called “The Konmari Method”, which is a 6 step system to organize, tidy up and rid yourself of clutter. This concept was created by a woman named Marie Kondo. Marie is well known for her TV show on Netflix called, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. Marie has written several books about home organization as well.

The Konmari Method starts by putting yourself in the right mindset to start cleaning. Committing yourself to the act of cleaning itself will ensure that you get it done without distraction. She also states that it is important to envision your lifestyle without mess so that you can motivate yourself to live mess-free. Next, Marie strongly recommends throwing away items that you don’t need anymore before you actually start the cleaning process. Marie states “When things are put away a home will look neat on the surface, but if the storage units are filled with unnecessary items it will be impossible to keep them organized.”

Marie’s Kon Mari Method also discourages cleaning room by room, and instead recommends tidying up items by what category they are in. This method will allow you to confront the amount of items you have in that category, which will encourage you to discard the things you don’t need first before you attempt to organize them. In addition to organizing by category, Marie also recommends organizing sentimental items last. Sentimental items can be harder to organize due to their emotional value and take the most time to get through for that reason.

The last piece of advice that Marie has when ridding yourself of clutter is to consider if items in your house bring you joy. If it’s an item that really makes you happy, then it’s worth keeping. If it doesn’t spark joy however, and it’s taking up unnecessary space, then it’s best to get rid of the item.

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