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Time is running out

By Richard Fairman

 The Meade County High School Greenwave Soccer team needs a win almost as much as the grass in Meade County needs some rain. This season, the Greenwaves cannot seem to buy a win. They have had the lead during a few games, but in the end come out on the losing side. So, on Oct 3, when the Owensboro Catholic Aces (6-2) came to play, Meade knew they were in for a challenge and were going to have to play their very best if they hoped of winning, or at least keep the game close till the end.

 From the very start of the game Owensboro went on the attack, using their speed against Meade to get behind the defense and pressure the goal. By using their speed, Owensboro tested Meade Goalkeeper Kyle Chapman by getting off three shots in the first two-minutes of the game. Chapman continued to stave off the OCath attacks, but midway through the first half, they finally found a hole to slip one by him to take the lead. The remainder of the first half Meade had to play catch up to OCath’s offense, only rarely did Meade get possession of the ball beyond midfield, and when they did, the OCath Defense would swoop in to take the ball away. At the end of the first half, Meade had only two chances to score on the OCath Goalkeeper but were denied.

 Meade came out after the half only to have the OCath offense pick right where they left off after the first 40-minutes of play, attacking the box each time the possessed the ball. Each time OCath got to within striking distance of the goal, they would test Chapman till eventually they would get the best of him again on a high strike that just cleared Chapman’s outstretched finger tips, giving OCath a two-goal lead. Meade just could not put together any combinations on the field that would get them close enough to try and score, and would have to again settle for another loss bringing their season record to 1-8-1 with only two regular season games left before district play begins.