Today's LTDHD update: 9 cases in Meade County

At press time, there is a total of 92 cases of COVID-19 in the Lincoln Trail District. Additional cases were confirmed in Hardin, Marion, Meade, and Nelson Counties. The total number of cases per county is as follows: Hardin--36, LaRue--5, Marion--16, Meade--9, Nelson--21, and Washington--5. Currently, 83 cases are on home isolation or have been released from monitoring.

For many people, pets are a part of the family. Therefore, it is natural for pet owners to be concerned about the chance of their furry family members contracting COVID-19. Especially since recent reports have identified a small number of cases in this particular population. There is no need to panic. Currently, there is no evidence that animals play a significant role in spreading the virus. Until we learn more about how the virus affects animals, pet owners should consider taking the extra steps below during this COVID-19 crisis.

If you are sick, restrict contact with your pets just like you would with people. Do not allow pets to lick your face or share your bed. If you must care for your pet while ill, wear a cloth face mask and wash your hands before and after pet contact. Even if you are not ill, walk dogs on a leash while maintaining physical distancing from others, and do not let your pets interact with people outside of your household. Bring cats indoors if possible. If your pet needs veterinary care, ask if your vet offers telemedicine consultations. It is not recommended that pets be tested for COVID-19 at this time.

For information visit the Centers for Disease Control Healthy Pets, Healthy People website at

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