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Tree giveaway a resounding success

Photo by Chad Hobbs | The Meade County Messenger

Trevor Mills (Left) and Melody Davenport (Center-left) with the Meade County Conservation District handed out free tree seedlings at the UK Extension office pavilion last Friday.


Messenger Staff 

Last Friday, the Meade County Conservation District hosted a tree giveaway at the UK Extension office’s pavilion. Meade County residents were able to pick up to 10 seedlings from three available species--persimmon, yellow poplar and red oak. The Conservation District purchases seedlings from the Kentucky Forestry Department every year for distribution in the county. Melody Davenport, Administrative Coordinator for the district, said that in years past the trees have been distributed to the schools throughout the county, but this year it was decided to host the event at the Extension office in hopes of getting more trees in the ground. It also took stress off county bus drivers who often saw the saplings used for more on the bus ride home than the conservation efforts that they were intended for.

The event was scheduled to run from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., but Davenport along with District Soil Technician Trevor Mills were overwhelmed with a turnout of Meade Countians that began lining up before the event was even scheduled to start. By mid-morning, the persimmons were gone, and the yellow poplar and red oak stocks were depleted by noon. Davenport said she ordered 200 persimmon, 400 oak and 400 poplar seedlings. Taking place a day after Earth Day and week prior to Arbor Day, the Conservation District’s tree giveaway program was not only a resounding success but stands to see 1,000 new trees growing across Meade County as a result of their effort.