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Trojans outpace Greenwaves

Rich Fairman:

Sports Reporter


 The Meade County High School Greenwave Basketball Team was back on their home court on Feb 11, in a game against the North Hardin Trojans. Meade, who is coming off wins from their last two games, was looking to keep their streak alive. However, when the game finally got underway, North came out doing just what Coach Tripure expected, as they went straight into a press defense that was giving Meade’s offense all sorts of issues as they tried to bring the ball up the court. North’s in-your face defense caused Meade to turn the ball over, giving North the upper hand quickly. North’s offense jumped out to an eight-point lead quickly and it looked like they were going to dominate the game until Meade found their rhythm bringing the ball up court midway through the first. With Meade beginning to attack North’s defense they were able to close the gap on North’s lead to get to within three by the end of the first. At the start of the second North shut down Meade’s charge and went on a 15-4 run to spread their lead back out over Meade, forcing Coach Tripure to call a timeout. After the timeout, Meade’s defense slowed North down but were still unable to get their offense going to close the gap North had built up before the half. Meade went into the Locker room at the half down by 18 looking for answers.

Meade came out after the half and turned the tables on North by switching up their own defense to a press North, which resulted in turnovers and fast breaks. Meade’s offense was able to break through to go on a 12-5 run over North Hardin to cut the lead in half. After North called a timeout to slow Meade’s offensive attack down, they used the remainder of the period to keep Meade’s offense grounded. This allowed North Hardin to keep a nine-point lead going into the final period. During the fourth Meade offense was able to put together sudden scoring spurts that would close the gap on North Hardin, but then their defense would stumble, allowing North to maintain their lead. The closest Meade was able to get to North Hardin was six-points, but with time running out, Meade was forced to foul North, which resulted in free points for them to bring home the win over Meade by a score of 59-69.

Box Score 1 2 3 4 F

North Hardin 16 19 13 21 69

Meade County 13 4 14 28 59


C. Turner-19, M. Dozier-13, C. Decker-11


C. Turner-3/11, C. Decker-2/10, G. Beavin-1/1, C. Crump-1/1


C. Turner-7, C. Decker-5, D. Abell-2, M. Dozier-2

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