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Truth: there really is no substitute...

Editorial submitted by Conrad Doyle

 What is “truth”? Does it even matter any more?

 Do you get tired of waiting on it?

 Days pass and morph into weeks. Soon weeks become months, months become years and yet here we are, still waiting for it.

 Maybe truth is like a good wine, or aged cheese? Does it get better with time? Does its value mellow with time? Does it become toxic and better left alone? Can it be exhumed?

 It seems that truth only matters for a short time and then its value diminishes to the point that it becomes nothing more than “a fly in the ointment”. It becomes so useless that we almost agree with the words of former Sec. of State and First Lady Hillary Clinton when asked about her actions as they pertain to the Benghazi murders. She had become so exhausted with the unending barrage of questions surrounding the murders of the Americans in our embassy that she finally just threw up her hands and loudly asked “at this point, what difference does it make?”

 What difference does it make Hillary? What difference does “truth” make when it becomes nothing more than an epitaph? What difference does truth make years after the lies have been believed and history has been irrevocably sealed? What harm would have come her way had she thrown up her hands and told the truth?

 I would love to ask her “how can you live with yourself knowing that you lied? How can you look yourself in the mirror and be pleased with the corrupt coldness that you see in your reflection? How you get restful sleep at night knowing you had the opportunity to do the right thing but you chose lies and deception instead? Have you no gauge by which you measure right and wrong? Have you not one ounce of decency and honesty?”

 It goes without saying, truth will not restore life to those that have died. But once exhumed, evidence will prove that regardless of time, truth remains fully intact. Time has not and will not change truth. It does not degrade nor does it decompose, it is never altered by deception and cover-up. It never, EVER changes despite the measures taken to discredit or destroy it.

Truth is truth and cannot be prayed away! Oprah cannot give it away, scientist cannot explain it away and no undertaker can bury it away. Truth is timeless and is with out end, it is eternal.

 There is truth in all things and it will prevail in spite of attempts to keep it hidden. There is truth in the Hobbs family’s tragedy. There is truth in the 2017 hunting death of Nicholas Ford. Time will never change the truths in these deaths, and money will never make it it disappear.