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Two dogs make the long journey to Canada


Newsroom Coordinator

Two dogs that were brought to the Meade County Animal Shelter after suffering from abuse and neglect are headed to Canada to find their forever homes.

Jimmy Boots, one of the dogs, arrived at the shelter weighing only 11 lbs. as an 8-month-old dog. His stomach was covered in urine burns when he was brought to the shelter. His mother, Hope, was also covered in sores and severely underweight.

The Spirit Fund of Meade County works with rescues in the northern states and Canada. They contacted Niagara Dog Rescue in Ontario, who were excited to help.

For two months after the dogs were surrendered, Patricia Pandoff and Monika Webb each worked to nurse Jimmy and Hope back to health.

“Jimmy required a lot of physical therapy to get his legs and spine to straighten so he could walk again,” said Patricia, “and, he had to be taught how to eat.”

On the last Friday of March, the dogs were off to Niagara Dog Rescue.

“There was a lot of crying involved as we said goodbye,” said Pandoff.

Both dogs received the red-carpet treatment upon arrival. They had a news crew waiting to share their story with the masses. Though Hope had a new family waiting on her, it’s still a long road of physical therapy before Jimmy Boots is ready for adoption.

“We don’t know where Jimmy and Hope came from, but we want whoever had them to know their lives are going to be amazing without them,” Pandoff said.

For more information The Spirit Fund of Meade County, visit their Facebook page.