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Editorial submitted by Conrad Doyle

Our country turned a horrific corner when Nancy Pelosi stood up and disrespected the office of the president—not just Trump, but the institution—when she stood and tore up her copy of the State of the Union speech and it was tolerated by her cohorts. It empowered a generation of worsening disrespect for this country. Liberals are empowering a generation of Americans who do not want to work and have no concept of what the millions and millions of free handouts to both them and the illegals who are going to be admitted to our already struggling country and economy are going to do.

I can hear some saying “what about the un-presidential nasty and mean-spirited remarks made by Trump?” To that I would say you are correct, he has been/is a rude communicator and very UN-presidential, and his rhetoric is equally disgusting! But I ask: How many times have two wrongs made a right?

America elected him BECAUSE he was not “presidential”. Americans did not want a polished, smooth-tongued, canned politician; they wanted a candidate that put America and Americans first. They wanted someone that would keep their campaign promises and do what they said they would do.

This country and her residents have enjoyed the benefits of this current President via the results of our prosperous economy. I have yet to hear of any person that received stimulus money having returned that check!

The proof of the success of the current political leadership is further proven by the illegal tactics used to steal the office by the party that has spent four years trying to hamper and destroy the progress of our leader and economy. In every attempt they made, with every penny of our money thrown away on false claims, they only increased his success and their failure. As a result, the only way to stop him and our country’s progress was to cheat, lie and steal the votes of the American people. So, where do we go from here?

For me personally, I do not see this resolved ever and certainly not in my lifetime. Many members of my family and friends wore a uniform to protect this country and preserve our freedoms.

These freedoms include the freedom to vote in an honest and legal election, one free from the obvious and premeditated corruption that is knowingly being allowed and sanctioned by those elected to protect and preserve our freedoms and rights. An election free of corruption is slowly circling the drain and headed down the toilet. We are in dispair. We are in crisis both morally and ethically.

I firmly believe both Biden and Harris are about to reap what they sow and the movements that they pandered to in order to get their votes are going to make their lives miserable while pressing them to keep their promises.

Let’s see how that works out. I don’t think that even Jill Biden will be able to protect ol’ Joe from what’s coming. Even our resident avowed Socialist, Bernie Sanders, has begun to question Biden’s appointees.

Biden will appease Sanders by appointing him to a position that possesses little to no significant power. Biden will likely serve no more than one year before he falls victim to Nancy Pelosi’s push for a law that allows for her and her posse members to remove the POTUS if they deem him/her to be mentally incapable of performing the duties of the office. Then does a ticket headed by President Harris and Vice President Pelosi sound to you?