Valentine Poems from Ms. Meeks’ 4th graders at Ekron

Ms. Meeks 4th grade class


Roses are red

Violets are blue

My heart is full of love-

And I have flowers for you.

Your smile makes my heart glow.

I got a valentine chocolate monster

for you and me.

Cupid helped me get that monster

for you!

By Jason Vandiver

It was Valentine’s Day-

I gave flowers-

I brought chocolates

every person was smiling!

We all made hearts

Some were in love-

Some were monsters-

Cupid shot someone

with a love arrow.

By Alan Kincaid

On Valentine’s Day

there’s a lot of love.

Cupid is the cause of love.

Boys give girls chocolate

and flowers-

Smiling is good to do

at people.

Hearts are nice because

they make people fall

in love......

And that is good to have!

By Caleb Chitwood

Valentine’s Day-

Cupid making hearts...

Showing love....

Chocolate monsters-


By Blake Robbins

Valentine’s Day

Cupid throws hearts at you...

He brings you flowers and chocolates..

He smiles and shows love to you...

Then the monster comes.

By Carrissa Mitchell

Valentine’s time day...

There is love-

A lot of chocolates....

Happy smiles!

full of joy-

making monsters

leave the air.

Giving flowers away-

to kind people.

By Jesselle Sadler

It’s Valentine’s Day!

Flowers are everywhere!

What? A monster pops up?!

It chased Cupid-

Ah, Cupid shoots the monster-

Monster fell in love with Heart Monster!

He gave her chocolates and


They fell in love!!

By Alivia Ballman


Chocolates, flowers,

And the love Monster too....

Cupid throws hearts at you-

Then you smile-

and have a good day.

By Alexcia Williams

One day a monster came

On Valentine’s Day-

The monster’s name was Cupid.

Cupid really loves chocolates!

Monsters love the smell of


Monsters smile when they see flowers.

When it is almost midnight-

they go to the heart cave.

By Jayden Hulbert

He got....the chocolates!

He has the flowers!

He has everything else.

He went to his crush...

and asked-

Will you be my Valentine?


said his crush.....

and walked away.

Then Cupid made a visit....

and smiled...

By Kloey Allen


Day is about love-

Chocolate and smiles-

Flowers are nice

to give to people-

Cupids are pretty-

Hearts are too-

By Breonna Haynes




You give flowers to people-

and love....

You are a love monster to me...

I got hit by Cupid-

now I like you....

You make me smile.

By Mia Fochtman


Valentine’s Day is about....