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Vine Grove man charged with murder

A Vine Grown man, Denny Christopher Rumfelt, was charged with murder, tampering with physical evidence and abuse of a corpse when he was arrested on Sept. 22.

According to the Meade County Sheriff's Office, Rumfelt's brother called dispatch at approximately 2:40 p.m. that day, saying that his brother just told himself and other family members that he "killed her." Rumfelt's brother told authorities that he believed the victim's body was wrapped up in carpet with tape around it inside Rumfelt's vehicle, which is a green 1997 GMC Sierra truck.

Deputies arrived at the residence, and Rumfelt surrendered. Officials obtained a search warrant for his vehicle and found a sleeping bag wrapped in duct tape. Authorities removed the bag from the vehicle, and once the coroner arrived, opened it and discovered a white female with duct tape around her mouth and a piece of tape wrapped around her eyes.

Rumfelt was arrested and transported to the detention center. During the interview with Rumfelt, authorities noticed what appeared to be blood on the lower right side of his shirt. They also observed dried blood on the exterior and interior of both ears, as well as a large amount of blood on the left sleeve at the end of Rumfelt's shirt. He had the same color and type of duct tape and a brown bandage wrapped around his lower left arm with dried blood surrounding both sides of the tape. Rumfelt had a small laceration to his lower arm as well as a laceration to his left little finger between the bend of the finger and the knuckle. He was transported to the Breckinridge County Hospital for further evaluation and given four stitches to the wound on his left arm. He was then transported back to the Meade County Detention Center.