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Watching Meade County Grow

COUNTY BUILDING PERMITS ISSUED  Dollar General Store, Commercial. Fee: $1,565.00.  Keith Smith, SFD w/Bsmt w/ 2 Car Garage. Fee: $331.00.  Andrew or Norma Gladhill, Accessory-Detached Garage. Fee: $82.50.  Scott Montgomery, SFD. Fee: $298.00.  Ryan Dowell or Natalie Reichmuth, SFD w/ Att Garage. Fee: $330.00.  Johnny Jacobs, Shed. Fee: $50.00.  Joseph McCarty, Mobile Home-DW. Fee: $100.00.  Brandon or Ashley Vowels, SFD w/Att Garage. Fee: $324.00.  Neal or Melody Dodson, Addition. Fee: $150.00. DEEDS     Verna J. Hardesty (Dennis M. Hardesty) and Allison J. Taylor (Donald E. Taylor, JR.) to Allison J. Taylor (Donald E. Taylor), Green Lawn Court, Vine Grove, fcv $97,000.  The Estate of Agnes Elnora Doyle to Joseph L. Doyle, Shumate Road, Ekron, $48,100.  The Estate of Agnes Elnora Doyle to James Evans Doyle, Shumate Road, Ekron, $59,400.  Charles I. Johnston to Clinton D. Cain, Robert Richardson Property, HWY 1238, Brandenburg, $75,000.  Donald L. (Anneita B.) Hobbs John G. (Taylor D.) Deaton, HWY 1692, $145,000.  Andrew J. (Whitney P.) Metcalfe to Jacob T. Eads and Kaitlyn Nicole Rutter, Whelan Road, Flaherty, $155,000.  Leon (Sonja) Gibson to Stevy R. Gibson, Lot 3 Kirchdorfer Road, Brandenburg, $30,000.  Ty A. (Lisa) Medley to Eric G. Hamilton, $205,000.  Stonegate Properties, LLC to Lori A. Duffield, Lot 358 Greenbriar, Doe Valley, $12,000.  Andrew (Kristen) Stankiewicz to Dan L. (Sharron J.) Rockenfelder, Old State Road, Brandenburg, $85,000.  Margaret R. McCoy to Gerald Barr, deed #1 HWY 144/ deed #2 HWY 63, $16,500.  Benjamin C. (Jamie) Rogers to Jessica R. Boone, Lot 52 Doe Valley Greens, $273,000.  WCM Land, LLC to Steve Redmon Construction, Lot 1 Ritchie Farm Division, $31,000.  Paul E. Argabright to Ronald J. (Dana M.) Moore, Gaines Road, Ekron, $60,000.  TE Property, LLC to Frank (Brenda K.) Perkins, Lot 6 Millstead Subdivision, $229,900.  Withers Rentals, LLC to Ramsey Furniture and Mattress, LLC, HWY 448 and Rambling Ridge Road, Brandenburg, $171,282.78.  Roger K. (Gina) Gayetty to Edward A. (Sarah) Skipworth, Lot 3 Windy Valley Estates, $140,000.  Daniel M. (Jessie L.) Lucas to Bobby R. (Anna C.) Bostic, Lot 6 Jennings Knob Subdivision, $117,500.  Jesse Francis to Jennifer Leffel, Lot 4 Triple T. Farms Subdivision, $14,000.  Thomas V. (Susan T.) Berry to Garry (Sharron K.) Goldsmith, Tract 52 Robbins Estates, $114,550.  Richard Grant to Paul M. Labriola, Lot 282 Doe Valley Greens, $285,000.  Nicholas R. (Brandi) Bowman to Mark D. (Alexis) Butler, Lot 13B Cheyenne Estates, $199,900.  Redhead, LLC to Cory A. Cox, Lot 9 Red Hawk Subdivision, $139,900.  Kimberly Clark to Keith Smith, Brandenburg Road, Brandenburg, $15,000.  Edward A. (Sarah E.) Skipworth to Tessa M. Newton, Garrett Road, Ekron, $115,000.  Estate of Shelly M. Powell to Lawrence D. (Kimberly L.) Phillips, Flaherty Road, Vine Grove, $160,000.  Jeffery D. (Susan) Livingston and Robert Cummings to Clarkson Farm, Inc, HWY 333, $4,920.  W. Douglas (Donna K.) Reed to Damien K. Rayis (Lixza N. Nunez-Rayis), Lot 4 Farmington Estates, $21,000.  Billy (Kimberlie H.) Wood to Ronald E. (Angela M.) Vessels, HWY 144, Andyville, $12,222.  Larry L. Holbert to Capitis, LLC, Lot 1 Holbert View Estates, $199,000.  Jeffery C. (Anne S.) Smith to Lawrence M. Gales (Holly E. Smith), Lot 228 Greenbriar, Doe Valley, $227,924.11.  JP Homes, LLC to Tiffany L. Black, Lot 19 Circle View Subdivision, Vine Grove, $184,900.  Doe Valley Association, Inc to Robert S. Austin (Cheri A. Lalone), Lot 21 Cedar Point Estates, Doe Valley, $82,000.  Johnathon M. (Merranda N.) Tryon to Christopher R. (Susan L.) Fackler, Tract #1 Watts Farm Tracts, $58,000.  Nancy E. Davis to Robert E. Cummings, Lot 51 The Station Subdivision, $17,000.  Joseph S. (Kenna J.) Brown to Bruce A. (Dana L.) Feldpausch, Lot 808 Wildflower Ridge, Doe Valley, $214,000.  Wesley D. (Diana L.) Kendall and James L. (Leanne) Kendall and Howell J. Kendall and Mark (Etta N.) Rivera and Garry L. Massey and Steven (Jenna M.) Braden and Christopher D. Massey to Robert S. (Elizabeth K.) Trent, US 60, Garrett, $110,000.  Jerry E. Stevens to Jeremy T. (Casey L.) Jupin, Lot 20 Rosewood Estates, $116,000.  Mary L. Hardesty to Abbreial P. Drane, Tract 21 Grandview Estates, $384,250.  Theresa K. Henry to William D. (Julie K.) Fortner, US 60, Garrett, $1.00.  Quin M. (Mallory W.) Lynch to Andrew J. (Adrienne M.) Hoefler, Lot 2 & 3 Dale Funks Lots, $285,000.  Jo Ann Willett to Kurwin (Amanda) Soudom, Willetts Bottom Rd., Battletown, $205,000.  Joan M. Seelye to Troy Seely, Tract 3 & 4 Seelye Farm Division, gifted.  Jeffrey A. (Joyce) Nott to Allison N. Phillips, Lot 18 Coffman Subdivision, $187,500.  CAAS, LLC to Sammie (Elsie) Cooper, $125,000.  Louisa A. Bryant, Jr. to Tyler A. (Tabetha K.) Brian, Lot 1 Hardesty Estates, Payneville, $119,000.  Kurt A. (Donna J.) Barr to Guy T. (Shannon L.) Neushwander, Lot 62, 63, 64 Oakwood Subdivision, $320,000. PERMITS NEEDED TO BUILD IN MEADE COUNTY Septic permit and inspection. Meade County Environment Service, top floor, Meade County Health Dept. 422-5919. Prerequisite: $300 (check or money order) for the site evaluation, plus a backhoe to dig the pits and $300 for the septic permit. The permit fee also includes the $30 state fee. Plumbing permit. 422-4383. Prerequisite: septic system permit. Fee varies. Building permit: Meade County Planning and Zoning, Meade County Courthouse. 422-4676. Prerequisite: contact this Meade County Planning and Zoning for specific requirements of a building permit. Fee varies with size of construction. Electrical permit and inspection. Meade County Planning and Zoning, Meade County Courthouse. 422-4676. Prerequisite: building permit. Fee varies. Note: you cannot get electrical service without an approved septic system.