What is hidden in the “Adopted Budget”

Editorial submitted by Conrad Doyle


 If you did, you had to be as irate as the rest of us that attempted to make any sense of the OUTRAGEOUS AND DECEPTIVE numbers presented. For instance:





TOTAL $7,206,300.00

 For what are we paying more than $7 MILLION?






TOTAL $1,667,000.00

 "I wish I knew how to get a friend a job in the Courthouse" is the leading observation from those in this discussion. But in their defense, this deception is allowed by HB 195 that we talked about earlier in the year.

 Let's review the issue of HB195 that Beshear vetoed in late March. If you remember this bill waived the requirements for local governments in counties with less than 80,000 to post legal notices in their local newspaper. In his veto statement, the governor said the bill "would impede the public’s ability to receive the complete information of a local government’s actions and proposed actions."

 Now, if you have followed this bill, you know that the governor's veto was over-ridden and "your right to know" was buried under an avalanche of political/legal garbage, oh I mean verbiage.

Now for the sake of sanity, I will not include all the additional verbiage but will give you the "Reader's Digest" version of what is now used by local governments as their legal reasoning for hiding the truth behind their "Adopted Budget" numbers.

 HB195: .... the local government shall publish a one-time newspaper advertisement providing notice that the full advertisement is available on the web site. Specific guidelines are provided regarding the size which must be at least 6 column inches, the content, and the timing of the newspaper posting, and must include a mailing address and physical address where a copy of any related documents may be obtained, a telephone number for local government, and the Web address of where the document is located.

 Additionally, there are specific deadlines that must be met and honestly it would take a magician to sort all of that out and once done it wouldn't matter anyway.

 Now we know that our fearless leader has already made the declaration that "everyone is walking around with phones" which he insinuates, is indicative of the availability of the internet and by extension his budget, county information and job postings and the new "300,000,000.00 Revenue Bond the proceeds of which are to be "loaned" to NUCOR....yeah, that is a whole other deception just being announced. More on that to come.....

 With the well known intentions of our political "leaders" to "shut-down"

this paper, it is of no surprise that for those in our communities that do not have access to the internet, the budget for the service and equipment, transportation to equipment providers, etc., what are they to do?

 For the senior citizens that fit into that category coupled with the fixed incomes most have and the learning curve necessary, most just asked "what about me?" "For those that have lived and worked to make this community what it is today, does my opinion now not matter?" "We only matter when the politicians want to take our money to pay for buildings and programs that we will never benefit from or walk through the doors!"

 "I guess our lives don't matter, but you can be "damn" sure if we stop paying all these taxes they will show up on my doorstep threatening to take my home away from me and sell it on the courthouse door....."

 I will stop with repeating the comments given because some folks language was a bit to strong for my taste or publishing but, you get the drift of our senior citizens attitudes and justifiable anger.

 Above, you will see screenshots I showed when going to the county web-site and searching for "Budget" and "Revenue Bond". As you can see below, there is no budget, there is no mention of a necessary "Revenue Bond". Now my eyesight has left me in the dark at times when attempting to read the fine print, but sure did not see any phone numbers, addresses, etc as required in the notice posted in last week’s edition, did you? Oh well, guess the requirements for HB195 are just a suggestion.

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