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When politics are elevated as a religion, humanity suffers our current fate

Editorial by Chad Hobbs

Regardless of denomination, churches across America have been witnessing decreases in their congregations for some time. There have been countless studies showing that alarming rates of Americans don’t believe in God, especially the younger the demographic group is.

 What is the most alarming is the way that politics has filled that void. Politics has become the official religion of the United States, and the Democrat and Republican parties have become the two biggest “churches.” Each side constantly proclaims from their pulpits that they are your savior, and the opposite party is evil. Choosing one side over the other will get you labeled as sexist, racist, or homophobic without an ounce of hate in your heart. Even lifelong friendships have been ended under our political climate.

 All anyone has to do is flip through social media to find proof. Platforms such as Facebook that were once dominated by family pictures, current events and comedy are now overwhelmed with political propaganda from both sides. Battles of good versus evil play out constantly with either a donkey or an elephant presented as the answer or cause of all that ails you in life. Depending on which side’s ideology you prescribe to, you will quickly be persuaded there is a racist or communist hiding around every corner. Putting such faith into such inadequate individuals is literally tearing this country apart at its seams.

 This paper made it clear last year that public officials were going to be closely scrutinized by the new newsroom team. One of the most important roles newsprint has always embraced is keeping citizens informed of what is going on in government, with public servants and with public agencies. Journalism has protected and informed the average citizen from political abuse since the dawn of this country.

 Recently the treasurer of the Meade County Republican Party took to the radio to cast shade on this paper. He basically insinuated that since we have been so critical of some decisions local Republicans have made that we are biased. We should just change our name to the Meade County Democrat because that’s what we are, according to his rant. This is caveman logic; “Paper say bad thing, paper not always agree, paper bad, paper fake news!”

 No party gets a pass with me. It’s just that, with a Republican magistrate, judge/executive, state representative, U.S. senator and U.S. congressman, the governor is about the only Democrat there is to critique. In fact, three of my past four editorials have been against the governor. Guess I must be pretty bad at being biased.

 In fact, it’s the Meade County Democrat Party that gets my jeer of the week, as the true subject of this editorial. Monday morning, the MC Democrat Party decided to post on their account this: “Whew! Doctors say Rand Paul is in stable condition after being yelled at.”

 Now I love comedy as much as anyone and think the country needs to laugh a little more. This, however, is neither funny and is, in fact, flat out unacceptable behavior from either of the parties in this county on their official page.

 Making jokes about what happened to attendees from the President’s acceptance speech in our nation’s capital late last Friday night as they were surrounded by an unlawful mob leaving the Whitehouse is just despicable. Disagreeing with someone’s politics is one thing, but anything short of denouncing the actions of that mob is totally unacceptable from either political party’s official page.

 Paul’s wife said she was scared for her life. A police officer was shoved to the ground (assault of a law enforcement officer), trying to protect Paul and his wife. The wives of several other politicians said they were surrounded as the mob screamed th