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Where do we go from here?

Editorial submitted by Conrad Doyle

 By the time this week’s paper hits the press, we will know who will be what.

 Well, at least we hope we will. The thought of having another “hanging chad” drama event is not a pleasing thought.

 There are many reasons that I look forward to the end of this campaign crap, yes I said crap.

 The endless flood of campaign mailers have been great fire starters and in some twisted way I find it cathartic just watching all the campaign fodder go up in smoke. Is anyone ever really swayed by all the mailers? Who benefits from them?

 I think the greatest winner is the United Postal Service if and only if those mailing the fodder are required to pay the same postage rates as the rest of us. Even as I write this I am reminded that politicians usually expect and get special rules and rates for everything they do.

 Secondly, if local politicians used local printers to print their fodder, then they too should have a boost in their end of year bottom line profit margins.

 It is likely they used someone that is kin to someone who will give them a special rate, but we can always hope.

 By the way, what was up with the multi-page mailer that was forced upon us? Who paid for that multi-page propaganda mailer? How much did it cost?

 Who paid for its printing and mailing cost? Oh, which brings me to a request for whoever becomes our State Rep.

 How about we give the postal patrons the option of receiving political mailings? Why must we be forced to take the loads of crap into our homes?

 Maybe we could have a sticker put on our mailbox that indicates we do not want unsolicited political propaganda put in our mailbox? Or, maybe we can have a “Spam” box in which unsolicited political brochures can be placed and then have them returned to the responsible politician.

Can we “return to sender”? Oh now that would just be fun!

 Also, how about we enact a bill that would require all political signs to be removed within seven days following election day? Beginning on day eight a fine would be assessed for each political sign still polluting the roadways. For each small yard sign with metal frames...$5.00. For larger signs such as 3 x 5 ...$10.00. For banners and larger signs.... $20.00. All proceeds from these penalties can be earmarked to be used to build and maintain an adult “Safe Place” filled with stuffed animals and tissues. This may be beneficial and will be an alternative to looting stores, burning cars and businesses, busting windows and shutting down roadways and bridges.

 I pray that level heads will prevail and when our next Presidential candidate has been declared, people will behave as if they have some sense. I fear that one segment of society will use the election outcome as a license to destroy anything or anyone that is known to support the winner. Oddly enough, should the winner not be the incumbent, his supporters will not behave lawlessly.

 A couple things are for sure: the loser will declare they lost because of some other country’s influence and all sorts of collusion theories and voter fraud and, some of the “winners” will now have to payback with special favors, those that have invested thousands and in some cases, millions of dollars to get them elected. No one just gives a candidate thousands of dollars and not expect some “returns” for their i