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Where’s the Messenger’s fair catalog?

by Chad Hobbs | Editor

As Meade County’s fair week quickly approaches, many of you have called, stopped by our office or wondered amongst yourselves where the newspaper’s annual fair magazine insert is, or if there even will be one this year. Well, it’s been a long, complicated road to get here, but the answer is that it will hopefully be in your mailbox next week. It is currently printing as we speak.

We hate the fact that it is delayed. Unfortunately, we met a huge roadblock as we worked to put this year’s edition together.

I spent the entirety of my childhood, racing to the mailbox every week to check and see if that week’s edition of the paper had the fair catalog in it. Then,I would feverishly flip through it when it finally did arrive, looking to see what all I was going to enter. I realize that many of you have, and/or still do that very same thing. After decades of providing this wonderful service to the people of Meade County for free, the Messenger was met with contempt this year from Meade County Fair Board chairman David Pace. Pace insisted that we kneel before him, kiss his ring, sign away all rights to the magazine that we developed for the fair, and put in writing that we give him full control over everything we do, not to mention a few other ridiculous demands. If we refused, he threatened he and his board would cut ties with us. He may be the Industrial Development guru, but he seems content to stymie local, small business every chance he gets.

We have been vocal that we think Pace has already been given far too much power within this county without ever receiving the first vote from any citizen to have such power bestowed upon him, and we refused to capitulate to his ridiculous demands of servitude. As a result, he put anyone, and everyone involved with any event at the fair on notice that they were not to share any information with this newspaper. At the very least, this sounds as if the Meade County Fair, which has always been for the people, by the people, has been claimed by a king, too.

Thankfully, most people involved with various events ignored Pace’s edict and freely gave us the information they had for their events, choosing the people over a single person’s grudge. Others, however, dared not cross Pace’s edict and face his ire. They refused to give us information to freely pass on and promote to you, the people of Meade County, who, after all, are the ones that are truly responsible for the great success of the Meade County Fair. It is your ancestors that over 100 years ago decided Meade County needed a fair for the people, by the people. It has built, year-after-year, off the backs, tears, sweat and joy of generations of Meade Countians to become one of the great jewels when it comes to county fairs.

We finally were able to collect everything we needed to continue to bring the people of Meade County not only a catalog of everything going on at this year’s fair, but also, the stories and pictures, both new and old, that you have come to expect and enjoy in our fair magazine every year. So, despite its unfortunate delay, it will hopefully be headed your way very soon.

We also realize that times are tough right now. We are experiencing it, too. We were able to put together a special gift for one lucky Meade Countian this year that will hopefully help out a little during this terrible time of inflation and soaring prices. Inside Meade County’s Fair magazine that will be coming to you from the Messenger, there will be an entry form for a $500 drawing that we will be conducting. It’s just a way for us to say, “Thank you Meade County for your undying support of the Meade County Messenger!” Be sure to fill out the entry form and either drop it off at our office or at our booth at the Meade County Fair in a few weeks. We can’t wait to see you during Meade County’s favorite week at the end July.