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Whiskey Bravo Barrels is open for business

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

Seth Dukes:

Newsroom Coordinator


 Meade Countians now have another local option for all their furniture needs at Whiskey Bravo Barrels, located at 620 Broadway St. in Brandenburg. They offer upcycled furniture, bourbon barrel products and other locally sourced products.

 Owners Jeremy and Heather Benando are both from Michigan. Jeremy retired from Ft. Knox, and both currently work on Ft. Knox. They say that they’ve always wanted to own a business of some sort, but they landed on the idea of bourbon barrel furniture and upcycled pieces to provide Meade Countians with more affordable furniture that wasn’t lacking in quality.

 Jeremy estimates they’ve driven 50,000 miles in the last two months looking for furniture that they could fix up and then resell.

 “We will drive a pretty far distance to get that good deal,” Heather said.

 “We try to find some furniture, dress it up, clean it up, sand it, whatever it may need, and then sell it at a decent price that the people in this community can actually afford,” said Jeremy. “That’s our big thing. We’re not trying to go find a piece of furniture and come sell it for $500 or $600. We know the demographic here.”

 The name of their business comes from Jeremy’s time in the military. The last time he deployed, he went to Afghanistan. His platoon was called the War Beavers. While he knew he couldn’t use that name, the letters “W” and “B” stuck out to him, and Whiskey Bravo was born.

 Initially, Jeremy planned on just building bourbon barrel furniture. As the idea progressed, the couple decided to focus more on the other items of furniture and use the bourbon barrel theme for accent pieces.

 When the business opened on Feb. 29, they already had plenty of pieces for the public to choose from. Jeremy says that, at one point, every square inch of their house had a piece of furniture in it.

 Heather says she’s always loved painting, and she’s always loved going to antique malls and peddler’s malls. She says she would love to offer refinishing services on pieces of furniture people bring in, which will be easy with the garage doors that they have leading to their showrooms.

 The couple will also be hosting local vendors that wish to sell pr