Woman arrested after alleged attempted kidnapping

Staff Report  According to the Meade County Sheriff’s Department, Meade County Dispatch received a call from a 14-year-old female juvenile. The juvenile stated that she was walking to a friend’s house that was located at 55 Guenther Dr. The juvenile advised that there was a female subject that was at Scenic Dr. and Henderson Woods. The female subject grabbed the juvenile. The juvenile stated that the female subject gave her drinking glasses, papers and other small items.  While en route to Guenther Dr., the officer observed a female standing on the road by 290 Scenic Dr. The female subject was identified as Kimberly Phelps.  Phelps was standing on the side of the road with no shoes on and a black shirt and black pants. Phelps was asked if she had any contact with a female juvenile in the last hour. Phelps stated that she did. Phelps was asked about the encounter. Phelps stated that the female juvenile had approached her and gave her a hug. Phelps stated that she did give the juvenile several items. Phelps stated that one o the items was a book. Phelps stated that she wanted the juvenile to read the book. Phelps stated that was everything that happened. Phelps did state that she was having a yard sale and tried selling the officer items. Phelps was observed with scratch marks on her right arm.  While talking to the juvenile, she stated that she was walking to her friend’s house when a red car came down the road. After the red car passed her, Phelps jumped out of a small patch of woods and grabbed the juvenile from behind and covered her mouth. The juvenile stated that this happened right in front of the intersection of Scenic Dr. and Henderson Wood Dr. The juvenile stated that the female was speaking random things. The juvenile stated that Phelps stated to her, “I’ve been watching you for a while.” The juvenile stated that Phelps grabbed her by the arm and drug her towards the driveway of 325 Scenic Dr. The juvenile stated that she attempted to pull away a couple of times, but Phelps grabbed her and pulled her closer. The juvenile stated that she was afraid for her life and thought she was going to die. Once the juvenile got away, she took off running towards her friend’s house. The juvenile did state that the female that grabbed her had no shoes on and had scratch marks on her right arm. The juvenile stated that Phelps was only wearing a t-shirt and no pants. Phelps was located at 325 Scenic Dr. Located in the yard sale items were several drinking glasses that matched the drinking glasses the juvenile had. Phelps was arrested, charged with kidnapping-minor (attempt), and transported to the Meade County Detention Center.

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