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Woman stabbed, writes down alleged attacker’s name with knife still lodged in neck, police say


A man was arrested and charged with first-degree assault on April 24 after he allegedly stabbed a woman in the neck.

According to law enforcement, dispatch received a call from a woman who stated she was stabbed in the neck with a knife inside a residence in Brandenburg. The woman told police she had broke out the bathroom window and escaped. She wrote the name of the person that stabbed her on a piece of paper while the knife was still in her neck. That name was Jose Francisco Segundo, 48, of Brandenburg. Segundo was still inside the house.

After a period of time, he exited the house and surrendered to the Meade County Sheriff’s Office. After being detained, deputies noticed and observed blood stains on both of Segundo’s hands as well as on the left side of his jaw and upper left ear.

Segundo was arrested and transported to the Meade County Sheriff’s Office, where he was advised of his legal rights, which he waived, and rendered a verbal recorded statement denying any assault happened. He did, however, admit to being in a verbal argument with the woman. During the interview Segundo provided consent to search his property, and then was escorted to the Meade County Detention Center where he was held on a $25,000 cash bond.