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Woman unlawfully imprisoned, stabbed, according to law enforcement


A man has been arrested after he allegedly stabbed his girlfriend in the leg and unlawfully imprisoned her.

According to the Meade County Sherriff’s Office, on Jan. 28, officials received a call stating that Brett Terry had assaulted his girlfriend. In a written statement, the girlfriend stated that Terry made a list of things he wanted. Terry went to the girlfriend’s residence in which he was ordered not to in an active EPO (Emergency Protctive Order) against him. This is the second time Terry has been arrested for violation of this EPO. Terry threatened the girlfriend’s life and her children if she did not meet him at another individual’s residence. Once the girlfriend got into Terry’s truck, Terry allegedly began talking crazy and threatening her. She tried to get out of the truck, and Terry ripped a handful of her hair out. She began to tase Terry and then, she was unconscious. When she woke up, she was bleeding from her leg and face. Terry took her to a house with no running water or electricity. She did not know where the house was. She begged Terry to let her get help because Terry stabbed her in the leg with a knife while she was in the truck. Terry threatened to keep her there for a week and slit her throat. She convinced Terry to take her back to her house where she could tend to her injuries. Terry took his girlfriend back to her residence. She begged Terry to get her help for her injuries. Terry went and got another male, who advised Terry that the girlfriend needed to go the emergency room. Terry released the girlfriend to go to the emergency room in Hardinsburg.

Terry was charged with first-degree assault, violation of a Kentucky EPO/DVO and first-degree unlawful imprisonment.

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