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Yearlong bioblitz connects 4-H families to nature


During the next year, youth can learn more about the wild side of Kentucky through Kentucky 4-H Bioblitz. The program is a citizen scientist event that encourages 4-H members and their families to explore their state and observe and record the wild animals and plants they find in nature. Bioblitz begins May 1 and ends April 30, 2022.

To participate, 4-H’ers and their families must download the iNaturalist app. iNaturalist is free and available to both Apple and Android users, but young people must be at least 13 years old to download the app. Younger 4-H members can partner with older siblings, family members or club members to participate. All youth need their parent or guardian’s permission to participate. Kentucky 4-H encourages families to partner and form teams for the program. After families download the app, they should join the Kentucky 4-H Bioblitz Project.

4-H’ers and their families should then begin exploring natural areas. They can photograph and record their observations of the wildlife and plants they see. Families should not include domesticated pets or livestock in their findings. Natural areas can be as small as a backyard and as large as a state park or forest. 4-H’ers can visit and record their observations at multiple locations throughout the state.

Kentucky 4-H will officially kick off the yearlong program April 30-May 1 at Lake Cumberland 4-H Camp. During the two-day event, families can learn from natural and wildlife experts about the types of animals and plants that call Lake Cumberland 4-H Camp home. The cost to attend is $5 per person, and you can register through April 23.

More information is available at or by contacting the Meade County Extension office at 270-422-4958 or email Deana K. Reed, Extension Agent for 4-H Youth Development Education at

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