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Yellow Jackets sting the Greenwaves

By Richard Fairman

 On September 26, the Meade County High School Greenwave Football team played the Louisville Central Yellow Jackets at the SPMS football field due to their field still having the finishing touches done to it. Meade, coming off a loss to Apollo, was looking to pick themselves back up but would need to make some adjustments in their offensive scheme with senior Austin Oppel sidelined for this week’s game.

 Meade’s offense could not get anything going on the ground or in the air during the first quarter, and their defense was having issues with tackling the Central runners. Central began moving the ball down the field but were stopped when junior Nolan Whobrey intercepted a pass at the Meade County 11-yard line. Meade was unable to capitalize on the Whobrey interception going three and out.

 At the start of the second quarter Central opted to go for it on fourth and eight, but Meade’s defense stopped them, taking over on Meade’s 37-yard line. In Meade’s first offensive play of the quarter, quarterback Kyle Parker threw an interception to Central’s Jaylen Thomas who took the ball 46 yards for Central’s first touchdown of the season.

 “Last year at the end of the year, when it was all said and done, there were two things that you could look back and say it killed Meade County football, turnovers and big plays on defense,” Mofield said. “This year turnovers are killing us.”

 After the Central score, it looked though Meade was going to answer right back when junior Levi Stull returned the kickoff 25-yards to give Meade good field position. Meade elected to stay on the ground by handing the ball off to junior Connor Geise who promptly turned the ball up field and gained 10-yards for the first down. On the next play they gave the ball to Stull on a sweep who broke a pair of tackles while moving the ball up field 29-yards, but as quickly as Meade had found their offensive drive, it was stopped by Central’s defense. Meade turned the ball over on downs when they tried to get the first but were stopped in the backfield.

 From that point Central’s offensive running game took over. Prior to the half, Central went onto two touchdowns, a 47-yard run, and a 38-yard, and added a safety to put Meade down 24-0 at the half.

 “We couldn’t tackle 39,” Mofield said of running back Malachi Williams. “If they would have handed it to 39 they may have needed another digit in the scoreboard. He was dominating.”

 After the half Meade was still having issues stopping Centrals running game when they scored again on their second possession of the quarter. This time it was from Central running back Justin Bush, who was stopped at the line of scrimmage but broke free to spin out of a pile of bodies and go untouched for 60-yards for the touchdown. Meade would stop the two-point conversion, leveling the score to 30-0. Meade had chances to come back, but just could not get any offense going to the entire game, and had trouble keeping Centrals defense from penetrating the back field.

 “I’m disappointed that we got whipped up front,” Mofield said. “They’ve got a nose guard who was in our backfield every play. They dominated our offensive line. We weren’t inspired to play. I don’t think we really wanted to be out there. We had a few kids I think who wanted to be out there. But, by in large, it seemed like we were more interested in maybe doing something else than playing football on Saturday afternoon. They dominated us.”