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100 years ago

Dec. 14, 1921 – Ekron

P.C. Miller had a narrow escape from being burned to death Monday morning. He had placed fuel in the stove at his place of business in the bank building and picking up a two gallon can, which he thought contained oil, he dashed a little into the stove and being gasoline, it exploded, blowing the window lights out and igniting egg cases, chairs, and other things in the same room. Help came at once and the burning things were carried out and the fire soon extinguished. Mr. Miller escaped without injury.

Arcade Robbed

The Arcade was robbed Saturday night. The thieves gained entrance by opening a side window. Mr. Richardson says its hard to tell what was stolen until he goes through his stock, but says so far, he has missed an overcoat, several pairs of shoes and a number of neckties.

75 years ago

Dec. 19, 1946 – Flaherty

Everyone is taking advantage of this cool spell and killing hogs putting up plenty of meat and lard for another year. It seems more like spring than Christmas as we find blossoms on bridal wreath bushes, maple trees almost in bloom and some of our birds that go south are still here.

50 years ago

Dec. 16, 1971 – Contest to Name Park

In December 1971, the Olin Chemical Corporation will donate 74 acres of land to Meade County to be used for a park or other recreational facility for the benefit of all Meade Countians. The Planning Commission has made extensive plans for a park and would like to let the citizens of Meade County name this park. Any citizen of Meade County is eligible and may send in as many entries as he wishes. The Planning Commission will select the official name for the park from the entries and a $25 Savings Bond will be presented to the person submitting the winning name. The bond is being donated by the Meade County businessmen. All entries must be in by December 30, 1971.