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100 Years Ago

Aug. 25, 1920: Adoption of the Federal Suffrage Amendment means that women of the United States can vote in every election open to citizens of the United States.

 This means every office “from dog catcher to President.”

 Wherever a man can vote for public offices a woman can vote.

 Women cannot be shut out of voting because of her sex. They can vote in al State, Federal, city and county elections.

 Kentucky had already extended the franchise to women in Presidential elections, and women could vote this fall for President. With the Federal amendment promulgated they will vote also for United States Senator for Congressmen, and for all other offices to be filled at the November election.

 Next year, they will vote in the county primary for all county offices in Meade County.

 Just what this will mean to the vote cannot be told. The general estimate is that the vote of women just about equals that of the men in Kentucky.

75 Years Ago

August 27, 1970: Lightning Kills James R. Allen

 Funeral services for James R. Allen, former Meade County School superintendent, were conducted at the Brandenburg Methodist Church, Tuesday.

 Mr. Allen was struck by lightning as he stood in the doorway of the barn on his farm near Brandenburg, Saturday, August 21 about 3 p.m. Sheriff Dave Ross said apparently Mr. Allen had just put his tractor in the barn and was standing in the doorway looking at the storm when he was struck by the lightning. The sheriff said Willis Jantzen told him he had seen Mr. Allen in the doorway of the barn just a little while before the storm was at its height.

 Mr. Allen who was sixty years old retired as Meade County School superintendent after 32 years on the job. His retirement took place June 30, 1970. He had been in the Meade County school system for 39 years.

 At a testimonial dinner for him June 27th, Mr. Allen said his greatest achievement as county school superintendent was getting the building tax levy, approved by the voters of Meade County which provided the necessary money for many improvements in the county education system. The school tax was adopted by the voters of Meade County at a special election in February 1969 and provided a tax of 50 cents per $100.00 assessed valuation for school building. The tax carried 11 of the county’s 12 precincts.  

 About 300 persons attended the James R. Allen Day June 27th at which he was presented with a tractor to work his farm.

25 Years Ago