December 4, 1918


To Citizens of Meade County

The “Flu” condition in Meade county is practically no better.

It behoves us as a County Board of Health and the good people of Meade county, that the rules and regulations hereinafter stipulated be strictly obeyed and enforced and it is so ordered by this Board.

First. That the rules and regulations ordered by the State Board of Health in regard to all gatherings, including Parties, Church Gatherings or Services of All Kinds, Schools, Lodges, Sales, etc.., be strictly obeyed by all persons and all persons prosecuted who disobey the same.

Second. That all Physicians practicing in Meade county be compelled to place a Red Flag on front gate or door of the homes of families affected immediately upon his visiting the same and ascertain the facts.

Third. He shall give the following directions to the family, viz: “That no person not having the flu leave the residence for Ten Days and if anyone comes into the family must stay the regulation Ten Days. Also as to isolation of patients, ventilation and disinfecting rooms which must be strictly obeyed.

Any person violating in any part of Meade county any of the regulations above set out will be prosecuted and fined as required by law for each offense, which fine is not less than $10.00 nor more than $100.

We call upon all physicians and all good people to assist us in enforcing the above and thereby eradicate this great plague.

S.L. Morgan, DR. A. A. Baxter, W. D. Ashcraft, County Judge. Sec. Board of Health Member Board of Health

December 18, 1918


Since the County Board of Health has put the “ban on” the flu situation in Meade county has been improving in nearly every section of the county. Dr. Baxter has received reports from nearly every Doctor in the county and they all report the condition much improved. The “ban” is on until Dec. 28 and everyone should heed the warning, if they do not, it will cause them expense and trouble. If all citizens will do as the Board of Health asks it will be a short time until the county is rid of this dreaded disease.

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