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100 years ago: January 12, 1921

Important News Events of the World Summarized


At least three American marines, as well as scores of native girls and children, have been killed and eaten by cannibals in Haiti within the last fourteen months, according to detailed testimony taken by the naval board of inquiry and presented at Washington.

“Devil Anse” Hatfield Dies

Leader in Famous Feud With McCoys Succumbs in West Virginia to Pneumonia.

Huntington, W. Va., Jan. 10 – “Devil Anse” Hatfield, noted leader in the Hatfield-McCoy feud of 30 years ago, is dead. Word of his death in the Hatfield home at Island Creek, Logan county, West Virginia, has reached Huntington. Pneumonia caused death. Information from Island Creek indicated that the funeral will be the most imposing in the history of Logan county. Besides his widow, a number of sons and daughters survive. Hatfield had been shot at from ambush and in hand-to-hand combat scores of times, but had always predicted he would live to die a natural death. He passed the last years of his life peaceably on a small farm he owned in Logan county raising hogs. It was a suit over hogs that started the feud.

75 years ago: Jan. 10, 1946

Letters from Our Boys In The Armed Forces

Sgt. Raymond Redmon, son of Mr. and Mrs. B. C. Redmon has recently received his discharge from the Army and was able to spend Christmas Day at home. Raymond was in the service for three years and eleven months, most of this time was spent in Texas.

Another son Pfc. Adrian Redmon is stationed in Manila. Adrian has been in service on year and eleven months. He is expected home in the early spring.

This is. a letter Mr. and Mrs. B.C. Redmon received from their son Pvt. James A. (Andy) Redmon.

Dec. 8, Saturday evening,

Dear Mom and Pop and all: Well how are you all by now? Fine I hope. I am alright. We got here at Tiensin Tuesday night. We’re staying in a Nap school house now. We are supposed to move somewhere else tomorrow where we are supposed to stay. We’ve already been put in the 7th Marines of the 1st Division. This is a funny country over here it’s just like you see pictures and read about in a book.

Its really cold over here too and it snowed last night. Ice froze on our mess gear going to the mess hall this morning after washing it. We have the PX post office, barber shop, and everything except the mess hall I the same building. They are all run by Chinese except the PX.

They give you a hair cut, shave, and shampoo for only 700 dollars that about 6 or 7 cents and they will wash your clothes for 500 dollars. A dollar is worth about 4200 to 5000, it changes every day.

You would really be surprised to see and watch these people. They and the Japs clean up the building here and the mess hall. They stand at the garbage can and eat out of it. They will do anything for us. When they do anything and you think they are. Charging too much for it you just give them what you want and walk off. You should have seen them when we came in the other day. We got off the boat way out in the Yellow Sea and got in on small boats and came up the river. The river is not more than 100 yards wide. Tjeu would run to the banks all of them old and young both and clap their hands and bow to you and all these Japs when they you that salute you.

I never saw the like of buildings going to waste, large brick buildings. This one that we’re in now is about three times as big as the community building there and three stores high and all of them like this one and these people living in mud huts all except right in Tienstin.