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100 years ago: Jan. 19, 1921:


The remains of Robert Walker, who was killed in France, arrived here Jan 9 and was taken to Buck Grove for burial. I was ill at the time, but from my window could see the casket wrapped in the Stars and Stripes, and I thought of the poor old mother and the many mothers, who passed through the same Gethsemane of sorrow. No wonder, we love our country and the glory and freedom of it, for after all, it has been bought with the price of the life blood of millions of loved and honored ones, whose going has cast a shadow over homes form which the sun-light seemed to have gone forever. A large congregation gathered at the church to attend the funeral.

75 years ago: Jan. 17, 1946:

Wolf Creek To Have Better Medical Service

Dr. Alfred Glattauer who has his office in the Brandenburg Hotel building, Brandenburg, will be in Wolf Creek on Thursday afternoon of each week and will hold office hours at the home of Mr. Jesse Johnston.

On The Hardwood With The Green Wave

The Green Wave lost another game to Flaherty (28-16) last Tuesday night, the 8th, making two they have lost to them this season.

Flaherty has always been considered a strong opponent to the Green Wave and this year they have been unusually strong.

Both sides played fairly good ball with first one and than the other ahead until the last quarter when the Green Wave boys got tired and Flaherty just went off and left them.

The Green Wave boys are smooth working and fast breaking ball club as long as they hold out, but they can usually play only about three quarters and then they are ready to quit. I think that if Coach Pace had another squad to put in at the half of each game he would win many more games.

Fontaine was high point man for the Green Wave with a total of six points. Board and Wilson were next, each having three.

Shircliffe was high point man for the Flaherty Blue Devils with a total of eleven points. Mills and Bickett tied for second, each scoring six points.

Our next game will be with the Ekron Panthers next Tuesday night, the 22nd. This game will be played in the Ekron High School gymnasium.

From what I hear the Panthers have greatly improved their squad since we played them last so all you fans with automobiles who want to see a good game be there next Tuesday night.

50 years ago: January 21, 1971

Ems & Ens By the Publisher’s Wife

Joe Hager, principal of the Battletown Elementary School called The Messenger early Monday morning to tell us of something unusual that had happened to him, both bad and good.

He said that while the school was presenting its Christmas program back in December, all four tires on his car were slashed and ruined. He said this was a big loss for him and he had to immediately replace the tires.

On Monday morning of this week, the nice thing happened to Mr. Hager. He said Mrs. Betty Bennett, president of the Parent-Teacher Association brought him $54.00 and the list of names of students, faculty members and parents who had contributed to the fund to help with the expense of the new tires.

He said this was probably the nicest thing he’d ever had done for him.