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100 years ago

Feb. 2, 1921 — Jess Bunger Badly Beaten Up

 Jess Bunger, of the Guston neighborhood was badly beaten up in a fight Saturday with Corbett Blair and Lark Basham and two sons, Elmer and Asia Basham. Blair is a son-in-law of Mr. Basham. The trouble started over the division of a tobacco crop raised by Blair on Mr. Bunger’s farm. Bunger and Blair had a lawsuit in Circuit Court last week over the crop and Bunger won the suit.

 Mr. Bunger had ten gashes cut in his head and his body was badly bruised. Tobacco sticks were said to be the weapons used. For a time it was thought Mr. Bunger would not recover.

 Mr. Basham and sons and Mr. Blair were arrested Monday and placed under $750 bond each. Their examining trial will be held Wednesday, Feb. 9 before Judge S. L. Morgan.

75 years ago

Feb. 6, 1941 — Rogers Held To Grand Jury Without Bail

 Fred Rogers waived examining trial and was held to the April Grand Jury on charge of the murder of Cordia Owings, and the shooting and wounding of John Howard, Louisville, last Thursday.

 Rogers told officers last Saturday that the shootings were accidental. He said he got the gun to take away and it came in contact with a stove pipe and shot. Howard, then Cordia Owings tried to get the gun and it went off again, shooting her in the abdomen.

 Officers were told by Dick Owings that his wife, Cordia, told him before she died that her daughter Florence and wife of Rogers, saw Rogers come out of the room where the gun was kept, with the gun and yelled “He’s got a gun,” and fled. And that Rogers then brought the gun around as if to shoot his wife but hit the stovepipe and shot her, Cordia Owings, in the abdomen. Howard then came into the room and Rogers shot him in the arm.

 Both were taken to a Louisville hospital where Cordia Owings died about 5:30 Friday morning Howard’s arm was amputated between the elbow and shoulder.

 Rogers had left the scene when officers arrived. But early Friday was seen near town. A posse looked for him all Friday morning and Friday afternoon bloodhounds were called for to aid in the search. In trying to find a scent for the hounds to follow on the old Neafus place about two miles southwest of town, officers heard a noise at a pond near where tracks were found and upon investigation found it was Rogers who jumped into the pond when officers approached, but cam out of the cold water quickly to submit to arrest by Deputy Sheriff Alex Medley, who lodged him in Jail.

50 years ago

Feb. 4, 1971 — Front Page headlines include:

 -Thieves Enter 7 Places

 -19 Are Fined In Quartley Court

-Given 12 Years For Manslaughter

 -Court Decisions Tuesday


25 years ago

Feb. 5, 1996 — Front Page headlines include:

 -Arrests made after investigation

 -State Police news briefs (arrest reports)