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100 years ago: Feb. 16, 1921 —

First Snakes Appear

Theodore and John Aebersold, of Rock Haven, were out for a stroll Sunday and discovered a “snake hole” and captured eight blacksnakes, measuring four feet long.

75 years ago: Feb. 14, 1946 —

Classified Ads

FOR SALE—Orchard grass seed recleaned, free of onions and daisies. HOMER RICHARDSON, Brandenburg, Ky.

WANTED—Married man to work on farm for wage and part interest in crop or will hire straight salary. JOHN H. McGEHEE, Brandenburg, Ky.

FOR SALE—Korean Seed, recleaned, free from dodder and onions. JOE SNYDER, Flahert, Ky. R.F.D. Vine Grove, Ky.

STRAYED—A hog came to my place, Jan. 31, 1946, and I would like for owner to come and get it. ED PECKINPAUGH, Wolf Creek, Ky.

50 years ago: Feb. 18, 1971 —

Wolf Creek News Items

John Humphrey Home From Vietnam

Mr. and Mrs. David R. Humphrey, Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie Burrell met John Humphrey at the airport Wednesday. John was returning from Vietnam, and they were all happy for John to be home and the Humphreys to have their son back.

Mrs. Thelma Willett had lunch with Mrs. Ruth Willett last Friday. Mrs Louise Scriber, daughter of Mrs. Bessie Wilett Davis formerly of Little Bend, who lives in San Fernando Valley was in the recent earthquake there and escaped injury, but lost all her possessions.

25 years ago: Feb. 21, 1996 —

Meade County native to carry Olympic torch

One of the 115 selected from more than a million nominees to carry the Olympics torch through Kentucky is Priscilla Pursiful of Louisville. A native of Meade County, she is the wife of former UK basketball star Larry Pursiful.