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Yoga studio helps residents stretch their dollars

Wendy Spohn saw a need in Brandenburg, one that she could help fill. She opened Serenity Fitness Yoga & Reiki, located at 235 Main Street in Brandenburg, earlier this month as she retired from the Army.  Spohn has a Masters Degree in exercise science, and says she always wanted to teach yoga. Since December, she’s been teaching the chair yoga class at the Meade County Public Library as well as offering a yoga class at Durhams in downtown Brandenburg on Saturdays. Now that she has her own facility, she wants to keep costs down so that everyone can afford to come.  “This is a service I can provide for my community as inexpensively as possible so that everyone can afford it,” said Spohn. “I firmly believe yoga is for everyone.”  The most expensive public class offered by Spohn, a 90-minute class on Wednesdays, is $12.  “I’m trying to keep everything at Brandenburg prices,” said Spohn.  She says that she’s already had customers ask her for more advanced classes.  She plans on bringing in outside experts to teach those that are at a more advanced level.  With participants ranging from young to old, Spohn fosters a judgement-free environment.  “No one is going to judge you for holding the class up,” said Spohn. “If they do, they don’t need to come to the class. My goal is to bring people in who have never done yoga, go gently, and help them experience the benefits. I’ve had a lot of brand new people come in, and they love it.  Spohn also offers reiki, which is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. She says she wants to dispel any misconceptions that yoga or reiki are religious practices in her studio.  “It’s all anatomical and scientific,” said Spohn. “It has nothing to do with religion unless you want it to. It’s personal. …Yoga is not a religion in itself. It’s about therapy, feeling good and relieving stress, pain and worry.”  Yogis can sign up for time slots on the Serenity Fitness Yoga & Reiki Facebook page. They can also find more information about what’s offered.