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You have to love Kentucky Logic


Part 1

Kentuckians are a rare breed of people unlike any others I have encountered. I don’t know why, unless it stems from a pioneer heritage and resourcefulness those early Kentuckians carried with them from the old country. It could be those traits instilled in them, in order to overcome hardships, protect their home, family, and simply do what needed doing. Part of it, I think, had to be a strong belief in family and a commitment thereto. Whatever it is that enables Kentuckians to use their God-given logic to make decisions, which sometime flies in the face of conventional wisdom, their unconventional approach works. It’s a hard thing to explain to those who are brought up not to question authority, or accepted convention, even when it makes little sense to do so. For example, I’ll use two stories attributed to Daniel Boone, who, although born in Pennsylvania, is by virtue of his exploration of Kentucky, building forts and stations, and even rescuing the girls of Boones borough, captured by Shawnee Indians, is considered a Kentuckian. Daniel married Rebecca Bryant, sometimes spelled Bryan. He came from a large family, and had a brother Edward who went by the nickname Ned. In those days people east of the Allegheny Mountains ventured deep into Kentucky on what was called “long hunts.” The word “long,” is not used to mean a long way, but rather a long, time. Some of these hunts lasted for several years. Daniel and Ned went on one of these long hunts. They both resided in North Carolina, and were hunting in Kentucky, independently of each other. After some two years or so Ned returned, getting home a year before Daniel. Ned stopped by Daniel’s cabin, very early one morning, and the story goes Rebecca was sleeping. Ned laid down beside her, and since Daniel and Ned were often confused as twins, Rebecca half awake, befuddled, or perhaps just lonesome, together they made a new baby Boone. Daniel came home some ten or eleven months later, and found Rebecca nursing an infant girl. When Rebecca truthfully told him what happened, Daniel, who had on occasion taken Indian wives in order to save his life, considered that it was understandable and all right. His consideration was expressed by saying, “Well, its all in the family!” That daughter became his favorite child. The secret stayed in the family.

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