Young Artist Spotlight


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Angelina Stinnett is a sixteen year old junior attending MCHS. Currently enrolled in the Meade County Choir program, Angelina has been involved in her art form of Vocal music for ten years now. At six years old Angelina started taking piano lessons, and thought to start taking singing lessons as well, she says “...that’s when it all started.” Currently in her third year at the high school, and her fifth year in the MCHS choir Angelina has been a part of The Soundwaves choir, The All State Honors choir, the Quad State Honors choir, and the Madrigals choir!


1. Q: “Where did your love of music begin?”

A: “I’ve had a love for music since I could remember.”

2. Q: “Who would you say is your musical inspiration?”

A: “Christian Perri.”

3. Q: “Do you plan to continue pursuing music when you graduate?”

A: “Yes.”

4. Q: “If you had control, what musical would you pick for the choir to do next, and why?”

A: “Phantom of the opera because It has a lot of drama and suspense.”

5. Q: “What’s your favorite thing about being a part of the MCHS choir?”

A: “Just to be able to sing.”

6. Q: “Would you rather never do a chorus musical or never get to go on another chorus trip?”

A: “I would rather never do chorus musicals, because if we don't have the all state and quad state choirs, and all that then we would have nothing else to put on our resumes for college and such for those who plan on making a career out of music.”

7. Q: “Do you prefer performing alone or with a group?”

A: “Alone somewhat.”

8. Q: “What would you like to see happen in the Meade County Arts Scene?”

A: “A musical pathway”

9. Q: “If you had the chance to re-do a choir performance which would you choose?”

A: “The gospel fest”

10. Q: “Who would you like to thank for their support in your artistic career so far?”

A: “I would like to thank my family and friends, my church and the community.”

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