Young Artist Spotlight: Cierra Redmond

By Allie Reardon

 ierra Redmond is a 17-year-old senior from Meade County High School. Since elementary school, Cierra has been a part of the county’s music programs. Her love of performing started in elementary school with her school's choir. Unfortunately, the program was ended before she could finish, but she picked right back up in middle school beginning her journey with the MCHS Choir in earnest. As early as 2015, Cierra was taking part in after-school and speciality choirs beginning with the Quad-State honors choir until her freshman year. But, it was no great loss. Cierra was picked for the Madrigals choir her freshman year, which lead to her being involved in Fourth District Choir. On top of still being involved with the latter two choirs, Cierra was also a debut member of the Rolling Tones acapella group last year! Not only has Cierra taken part in various honors choirs, she is also part of Meade county’s Gifted and Talented Program for both Visual Arts and Vocal Performance. Cierra is closing out her time with the Meade County Choir this year, and she plans to keep the music alive while studying Forensic Psychology at the University of Louisville.


Q: “Where did your love of music begin?”

A: “My love of music came from not understanding how to express my emotions verbally. Music just makes me feel certain ways that I can’t express whatsoever and it soothes me.”

Q”If you had control what would you pick for the next choir musical, and why?

A: “I’ve always liked Little Shop of Horrors because with Jen Shelton doing the sets like she did that would be absolutely amazing to see.”

Q: “Do you prefer performing alone or with a group?

A: “I like both. I like being able to grow with my peers and being able to grow independently.”

Q: “If you had to pick a song to re-do from a previous choir performance, which would you pick, and why?”

A: “I think I would want to redo a Gospel Fest song because I feel like during the actual performances we aren’t as enthusiastic as we are in class. We need to rekindle that joy and love for music on stage.”

Q: “Do you plan to continue your pursuit of music after high school?”

A: “I plan on being a part of many choirs in college just to keep my love for singing and music alive.”

Q: “What’s your favorite Choir Memory?”

A: “Just the choir trips in general. Being a part of a family like chorus and going out of state with each other is an out of body experience. It brings you all so close and it’s amazing to be a part of.”

Q: “Who’s your biggest inspiration or role model?”

A: “My biggest inspiration would be my dad. He has worked so hard to provide for his family and has made growing up so easy and care free for me. I just hope to carry on the success that he has pursued all his life.”

Q: “What would you like to see happen in the Meade County arts Scene?”

A: “I would like to see all of us come together to do some collaborative presentation. A gallery of the arts of you will or like a week to dedicate to the arts.”

Q: “What advice do you have for incoming choir members?”

A: “It’s going to be very scary and intimidating at first. You’ll wonder why people are so comfortable around the directors and other members. Don’t fret though, we will all be besties in no time.”

Q: “Is there anyone you would like to thank for their support in your artistic career so far?”

A: “I would like to thank my friends in choir who have been with me through trials and tribulations that I thought I could not overcome. It has made the world of difference in my artistic ability and the way I view myself as a person. Thank you all so much!”

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