Young Artist Spotlight: Jada Batchelder

By Allie Reardon

 Jada Batchelder is a seventeen-year-old senior at Meade County High School, currently living with their grandmother Vicki Outland. Jada has been involved in the visual arts for 12 years, originally getting into the art form because, “My dad was an artist and he inspired me.” On top of being a very multifaceted artist, drawing with charcoal, microns, led based supplies, along with watercolor and oil paints, as well as sculpting, Jada has also won two first place, one second, and two third place awards at the Meade County Fair. To round it all out Jada has also taken the AP 2d and AP 3d arts courses at the homeschooling scoring a 4 out of 5 and a three out of 5 on the end of the year AP Exams.


Q: Where did your love of art begin?”

A: “My family persuaded me to use my imagination and express myself through art.”

Q: “What’s your favorite medium to create in?”

A: “Pen or pencil.”

Q: “Describe your art style in three words.”

A: “I like art that tests morals and expresses different perspectives.”

Q: “Do you plan to continue to pursue art after high school?”

A: “Possibly a job where I can use art in my work but it’s not my main career focus.”

Q: “What advice do you have for someone who wants to start making art?”

A: “Don’t give up and keep pushing yourself. Don’t compare your art work with someone else’s.”

Q: “Who is your biggest inspiration or role model?”

A: “Kim Jung Gi, a Korean artist who mainly uses regular Indian ink and microns to create his pieces. He has also created a few comics as well. Kim Jung Gi is a free hand artist. He doesn’t start with rough sketches, he just draws straight from his mind to the paper.”

Q: “Is there a type of art you’ve always wanted to try, but haven’t had the money or access to?”

A: “Spray paint sounds like a super fun art type, but it’s difficult to get into and quite expensive.”

Q: “What would you like to see happen in the arts scene of Meade county?”

A: “I believe an arts pathway would be a good decision for Meade County High School. There are enough classes for most art fields like, theatre, band, music and visual arts to be considered pathways. But sadly it’s not an option.”

Q: “What inspires your art the most?”

A: “Basic human values and rights persuade me to create art I’m passionate about.”

Q: “Is there anyone who you would like to thank for their support in your artistic career so far?”

A: “Mrs. Ashley Fackler (Meade County High School arts teacher), my grandparents (Vickie and Galon Outland) and all my friends who believe in me when I don’t believe in myself (Arianna, Savannah, and Heather).”

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