Young Artist Spotlight: Jazmine DeBeauchamp

By Allie Reardon

 Jazmine DeBeauchamp is a senior at Meade County Highschool. A long time member of the meade county chorus scene Jazmine participated in her first performance in Third Grade, a duet in her school’s veteran’s day performance. Jazmine says her love of music and singing goes back even before that though saying “...everyone sings to themselves.” Jazmine being a member of the meade county choir has taken part in the spring musical playing various ensemble roles in The Little Mermaid and was cast as Connie Boylan in planned production of Annie. On top of those roles Jazmine also took part in the choir’s audition choirs, both SOundwaves and the newest group The Rolling Tones acapella group. Not only is Jazmine a talented singer she is also a talented musician playing ukulele, baritone ukulele, and guitar. In fact she has been working with her stepmom to put out an album for the past two years!


Q: Where did your love of music start?

A I’ve loved music for as long as I can remember, and a lot of that probably comes from my dad who can play any instrument he touches, and all of my parents who have been trying to teach me about “good music” from the moment I knew what music was.

Q: Who would you say is your biggest inspiration, musically?

A: Rusty Clanton, for sure. I adore the way he writes. His lyrics are so clever and witty, but also gut wrenching and full of heart. His music just makes me feel.

Q: What made you pick choir over band or enrichment in middle school?

A: I’d been doing choir since 3rd grade, and in elementary school I did a lot of fun things through choir like 4th District and All State. So, I kind of just wanted the fun to continue, and it did.

Q: What do you love most about being a part of the MCHS Choir department?

A: I can’t pick one thing, honestly. I love the relationships I’ve formed with the people in choir; I’ve made some of my best friends through it. I love Mrs. Rebilas and Mr. Crafton; the way they care about music and their students shows in every decision they make. I just love singing with people who love to sing; practicing for weeks and finally getting to come together as a group and perform just feels amazing.

Q: If you had control, what musical would you pick for the MCHS choir to put on next?

A: Into The Woods! The music, the story, and the characters are all wonderful.

Q: Do you plan to continue your pursuit of music after highschool?

A:Yes, definitely. I’m going to continue singing and writing, and I’ll probably be in some choir and musical theater programs in college, wherever I end up going.

Q: Is there anything you would like to see happen in the arts scene in Meade County?

A: I just wish more people outside of the arts scene were more open to it. A lot of the time you’re kind of supposed to feel embarrassed for being in choir or band or even dance, and I don’t get that. It’s really fun and if that’s what people want to do then I think other people should be supportive.

Q: I know you write some of your own music, is there a specific theme or subject that inspires you more than others?

A: I mostly write love songs because, for some reason, it’s easy for me to write about the emotions I have that come from being in a relationship and those you get coming out of one. However, I’m trying to branch out and challenge myself with other themes. Lately, I’ve been trying to write about growing up and graduation, but it is a lot harder to capture those feelings in a song in a way that I think conveys what I want them to.

Q: If you had to pick between never playing an instrument again, or never singing again, which would you choose?

A: I could never give up singing. I sing all the time, and it’s one of my favorite ways to relieve stress and process emotions or big changes happening in my life. Plus, it’s just instinctual for me to sing constantly; I’m one of those people that sings under their breath in class without knowing.

Q: Is there anyone in your life you would like to thank for their support in your artistic career?

A: My parents because they come to all of my shows, and always encourage me to do what makes me happy.

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