Young Artist Spotlight: Riley Silveira

By Allie Reardon

 Riley Silveira,a 16-year-old junior of MCHS, says she has always loved drawing but began to do it more regularly when she was put into her first Gifted and Talented program. Around fourth grade, Riley says she first got into the visual arts and, since then, her involvement has only grown. On top of being a gifted artist, Riley plays Ukulele and guitar, and played various roles in both of the plays put on by the MCHS Drama Club in the 2019-2020 school year. Along with her instrumental and dramatic skills, Riley was also a member of the Choir’s Soundwaves her freshman year, and has been on the Academic Team since elementary school. Despite her various talents and involvements, Riley still makes time to work on her visual arts, working in many different medium but favoring sketching, painting, and collage


Q: “Where did your love of art begin?”

A: “I’ve loved art since I was a little kid. I’ve always been creatively inclined, whether it was drawing, music, or performing in a show.”

Q: “Who would you say is your biggest inspiration?”

A: “When drawing people, I’m inspired by celebrities or influencers who have a unique or unconventional beauty. A lot of my art is inspired by events that I feel deeply affected by, whether it’s something happening currently in our society, or something that has personally happened to me.”

Q: “Describe your art style in three words.”

A: “Fluid, Uncanny, and Dynamic.”

Q: “Do you think being an artist impacts the way you see the world?”

A: “I think that being an artist helps me find beauty in the world around me, even when things seem dark or ugly.”

Q: “What do you love most about creating?”

A: “When I’m creating, I’m making a visual for something that I may not be able to describe in words. I often find that feelings can be easier to express when you’re scribbling them out on a sheet of paper, or smearing them across a canvas. I also love creating for others. I’ll draw or paint pictures for my friends, or make them jewelry, and it’s always worth seeing my work make someone else happy.”

Q: “What inspires you most?”

A: “It honestly depends on the day. Sometimes it’s a song I hear, and some days it can be something like the weather. I’m constantly finding inspiration in the world and things around me.”

Q: “What type of art have you always wanted to try, but have never had the supplies or opportunity to?”

A: “I’ve always wanted to use spray paint or create a big mural on the side of a building. With consent of course. Vandalism is a crime, so maybe I’ll get permission first.”

Q: “What would you like to see happen in the Meade County Arts Scene?”

A: “I would like to see more opportunities for students to showcase their art around the school and community.”

Q: “If you had to work in one art medium for the rest of your life what would you pick?”

A: “I would have to pick sketching.”

Q: “Is there anyone you would like to thank for their support in your artistic career so far?”

A: “My mom has been very supportive of my art and music, and My grandma, she sends me art supplies.My friends are also extremely supportive.”

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