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Young Artist Spotlight: Roman Lyons

By Allie Reardon

 Roman Lyons is a 17-year-old junior attending Meade County High School. In his junior year now, Roman has been a part of the MCHS band since middle school and currently plays three instruments: drums, piano, and xylophone. On top of taking the classes, Roman has also participated in Marching band since 8th grade and has been a part of indoor drumline for almost as long as that. His extensive band career is all thanks to his brothers, who sparked his love of music at the young age of 10 by teaching him how to play drums.


Q: Where did your love of music start?

A: “My dad always played music and I was always a mini version of my dad so anything he loved I loved and music was one of those things.”

Q: If you had to re-do one of the marching band shows which would you pick?

A: “War of the worlds I felt like I could’ve done better at all of the comps and shows.”