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Young Artist Spotlight: Zoe Sondergeld

By Allie Reardon

Zoe Sondergeld started her ten-year acting career at the young age of 6 in Brandenburg Primary’s Christmas Play. Ten years later, Zoe has acted in a variety of productions, from films to plays (both school and professional productions). Some of her favorite roles include: Scout Finch in “To Kill a Mockingbird”, Helen Keller in “The Miracle Worker”, Grace Fryer in “Radium Girls”, Old Queen in “Princess and the Pea”, Ronnie in “Daddy took the T-bird Away”, and Alice in “Alice and Wonderland”.

But, on top of her prolific theatre career, Zoe is a talented and well-rounded student involved in several different activities both inside and outside of school; she is involved in the Meade County choir, Pep Club, the Tri-M Honors Society, Soundwaves, and Y-Club.


Q: “Where did your love of acting begin?”

A: “I first realized I loved being on stage after the curtain call of my first professional show. There is no feeling like taking your bows after a really good performance.”

Q: “If you had control, what show would you like to see the drama club/choir do?”

A: “I love love to see us do a interactive mystery show like “and then there were none” or something with a lot of emotion like “little women” or “The crucible””

Q: “Which do you find harder, acting for film or acting on stage?”

A: “I feel like both acting on film and on stage come with separate challenges, but acting on film is more challenging to me. When you are in front of a camera there is a ton of pressure on you to be flawless in your acting. Not to mention the fact that every wrong move you make is costing the studio money, and with more challenging scenes sometimes taking days to film the repetitiveness can be exhausting.”