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Zoom Programs with the Meade County Public Library

By Brenna Cooper

 The Meade County Public Library (MCPL) is now hosting programs on Zoom! We are constantly searching for the best ways to bring the Library to you wherever you may be, and Zoom allows us to do just that.

 Zoom is a user-friendly online platform for hosting and attending large meetings remotely. It is easy to use and has a friendly app you can download to any device, including a computer. You do not need any fancy equipment to use it. You can logon right from your phone if you want to. You can control whether or not other people in the program can see or hear you, and you can always see the instructor. We have story times, Summer Reading programs, performers, and fitness classes, all online and we are adding more every week.

 Getting started with Zoom is easy. To start, find a program to attend by going to our website,, and clicking on the Event Calendar button. On the calendar page, click on the MCPL program you would like to attend. Information about the program will pop-up, including three important details: a link directly to the Zoom program, a meeting ID, and (in some cases) a password. Clicking the link will take you to a webpage that prompts you to either download the appropriate Zoom app for your device, or to click the ‘join from browser’ button. If you choose to join from the browser, it will ask you several easy questions. If you download the app, that will make it easier to log on next time. After the app is downloaded, it will take you straight to the live program. If it doesn’t, don’t worry: you are early and we haven’t started yet. When you want to join another program, you will open the app, click on ‘join a meeting’, and enter the meeting ID (and password, if applicable) from our website.

 If you miss a program, you can still access them. In the Event Calendar pop-up, the recording link will be available and you can go back and watch it anytime in the first 24 hours. After that, the video will be unavailable. Not all programs will have a recording, including Zumba. For those, you will need to logon to the live program to attend. Visit our website,, for more details.

 If you have any questions about our programs, Zoom, or anything else, you can give us a call at 270-422-2094, Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. -3 p.m.